I have been working as a health practitioner both privately and on the NHS since 1989. Currently I run a private homeopathy clinic within the Bolton area  .

 Most people seek homeopathy because they want to feel better, would like an alternative treatment to what`s on offer, or would like additional support with the treatment they are already getting.

 Homeopathy is the natural alternative because it is a safe and effective system of healing which has been used for over 200 years! It assists the body to heal itself. It focusses on building health and strengthening the immune system with carefully selected remedies. What`s more,it can be used by everyone including babies, young children, pregnant ladies, the elderly and those with complicated medical conditions who already take a lot of medication.

 From a medical background in speech therapy,counselling and homeopathy, I consider myself very experienced in the understanding an treatment of a wide range of issues such as: anxiety, depression, autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, chronic pain and fatigue,menopausal complaints, auto immune disease, allergies and much more....

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